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Whitsundays Private Charters offers day trips to the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays Islands with your own private skipper and steward on board.

Each of our day trips is a unique experience for your group, our staff are more than happy to accommodate any special requests for locations that you wish to visit. Once you have chosen either a full or half day trip you can choose your activities and locations, or our expert local staff can make recommendations to ensure you have an amazing adventure in our island paradise. Please note that the two hour sunset cruise will be an onboard only cruise. Whitsundays Private Charters can offer advice on the perfect sunset locations, or choose your own location (time permitting).

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Whitsundays Private Charters - Full Day Cruise
6 hrs$4450

Experience what the Whitsundays is all about. Snorkeling day trip to your choice of reefs or distant islands. Get places fast and then take a moment to indulge in stillness. This is what the Whitsundays is all about. 

 Full Day Cruise

Whitsundays Private Charters - Half Day Cruise
4 hrs$2950

Half Day Whitsundays Cruise to Whitehaven Beach – pick a quiet spot for swimming, paddle boarding, sea scooters. Fully catered options available – or tailor make your charter with us.

Half Day Cruise 

Whitsundays Private Charters - Sunset Cruise;
2 hrs$1500

End your day on the water with an assortment of beverages, a gourmet antipasto platter and an exquisite Whitsundays sunset. There is no better place to watch the sky light up with colour than on the water.

Sunset Cruise

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A special offering Whitsundays Private Charters provides is the ability to completely tailor your use of our boat outside of a traditional tour.

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The Axopar 37 is an adventure boat at its core and Whitsundays Private Charters cater to the adventurous soul by offering a selection of activities and watersports to choose from.


Discover the Whitsundays winning reefs, marine life and more.

Sea Scooter

The jetski of the sea is the fast new way to get around underwater.

Paddle Boarding

Slow down and take in your surroundings with a paddle through the turquoise ocean.

Water skiing/ Wakeboarding

Experience thrills to another degree and be towed around our favourite calm waterways. (Please leave a note when booking so we can bring the correct equipment)


The Whitsundays is the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven wonders of the world. Unparalleled reefs, turquoise waters and white sandy beaches lay amongst this island paradise and there is no better way to access it all than onboard our Axopar 37, one of the most comfortable vessels on the water.

With Whitsundays Private Charters you choose your adventure so here are some of our favourite locations to get you inspired.

Please be aware that all locations are weather and wind dependent, make suggestions but your skipper will tell you which destinations are going to be most comfortable on the day based on the conditions.

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven is most famous for its white sandy beaches and 7 mile span making it the largest in the Whitsunday Islands.

Bait Reef

One of the most popular reefs for snorkeling and diving, Bait Reef is Resident to reef sharks, coral trout, huge schools of sweetlips and fusiliers, plus a beautiful abundance of clown fish.

Butterfly Bay

Butterfly Bay is a local favourite for its excellent snorkeling and diving offering coral outcrops with shallow walls, the bay is populated by many small, colourful reef fish species.

Lindeman Island

Its natural beauty and breathtaking Whitsunday scenery makes Lindeman Island one of the most spectacular tropical islands in Australia.

Thomas Island

This sandy stretch is your perfect lunch and swimming spot. The water is calm and crystal clear with many protected bays to choose from. Only accessible by boat Thomas Island is the definition of “Seaclusion”.

Hardy Reef

If you are wanting to really experience what the Great Barrier Reef has to offer in terms of underwater wonderland this popular spot is the very best. You will want to get your weather right for accessing this open reef. (Only available for 8 hour Whitsundays day trips)

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