With its unparalleled world class fringing reefs, turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, the Whitsundays lie at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Whether you want to snorkel its kaleidoscopic reefs, explore a secluded island or relax on a pristine white sand beach, there is no better way to access this island paradise than onboard our luxurious and modern Axopar 37, one of the most comfortable, stable and speedy vessels on the water.

You get to choose your adventure with Whitsundays Private Charter as we will tailor a private charter itinerary just for you. Your skipper will advise you on the best destination for your adventure as well as where the most comfortable destination is, depending on the weather and wind.

Here are some of our favourite destinations to get you inspired!

Whitehaven Beach

There’s plenty of room to relax on the endless stretches of soft sands of Whitehaven Beach, the longest beach in the Whitsunday Islands and one of the most famous beaches in the world. Spanning an incredible 7 kilometres, it has some of the whitest sand in the world because it is 98% pure silica.

Its gleaming aqua blue waters and shallow shoreline have no big waves or rip tides and are suitable for swimmers of all strengths as they are sheltered from the open ocean by the other islands in the Whitsunday group and the outer reef.

Whitehaven Beach Highlights

  • Insta Worthy pristine white sandy beaches
  • Easy walking trails with amazing views
  • Green sea turtles and lagoon rays
  • SUP boarding
  • Safe swimming and snorkelling conditions

Bait Reef

Immerse yourself in the marine life at Bait Reef, where you’ll experience some of the best snorkelling and diving of the Great Barrier Reef in year round warm waters that range from a minimum 24.2 ℃ to a maximum  29 ℃.

Your boat tour to Bait Reef will take you through the spectacular Whitsunday Islands to arrive at a 40 metre reef wall with an excellent cover of colourful coral, underwater caves, swim-throughs and a canyon.

Bait Reef is home to over 600 types of corals, thousands of types of fish and hundreds of different species of jellyfish, molluscs, worms, sharks and rays.

Bait Reef Highlights

  • Incredible diving and snorkelling
  • Underwater caves, canyons and swim throughs
  • Beautiful coral gardens
  • Turtles, Clownfish, coral trout, bump headed parrotfish, mackerel, barracuda, sweetlips, fusiliers and Christmas tree worms
  • Reef sharks and wobbegong sharks
  • Turtles, manta rays, dolphins and humpback whales

Butterfly Bay

Enjoy excellent snorkelling and diving at spectacular Butterfly Bay, where snorkelling can be enjoyed either just along the bay edge or just off the beach.

Located on the Northern side of Hook Island, this 1km long butterfly-shaped bay is protected from most winds and populated by many small, colourful reef fish species, as well as swarms of vibrant blue Ulysses butterflies that fly out over the sea every morning and afternoon.

This Marine National Park Green Zone features coral outcrops with shallow walls teeming with varied marine life and a good range of corals.

Butterfly Bay Highlights

  • Snorkelling and diving
  • Offers great protection from south and southeast winds
  • Ulysses butterflies
  • Abundant reef fish species
  • Bird life
  • Spectacular cliffs and lush scenery

Lindeman Island

Its natural beauty and breathtaking scenery makes Lindeman Island one of the most spectacular tropical islands in Australia.

Although access to the island is currently closed, Lineman Island is still an excellent day charter destination for snorkelling and swimming off any of its seven beautiful beaches. Gap Beach, in particular, has colourful reefs and abundant marine life near the shore.

Dolphins can often be spotted in waters throughout the year, with Humpback whales migrating through this area between July to November.

Lindeman Island Highlights

  • Snorkelling and diving
  • Colourful reefs with many different reef fish species
  • Dolphins and humpback whales
  • Over 90 different bird species in the ares

Thomas Island

Looking for an isolated island destination to simply relax, enjoy lunch and swim at a safe, secluded and spectacular beach?

Only accessible by boat, Thomas Island is the definition of “Seaclusion” with sandy stretches of beach, calm and crystal clear water and many protected bays to choose from. This hidden gem will give you the experience of enjoying your very own private island.

Fringed by spectacular beaches, Thomas Island is a great place to leisurely walk along the shoreline or explore the lush vegetation on the island.

Thomas Island Highlights

  • Uncrowded “Cast Away” experience
  • Glorious stretches of sandy beach
  • Many protected bays to choose from
  • Crystal clear waters for swimming
  • Great snorkelling
  • Vibrant marine life all around the island

Hardy Reef

This popular underwater wonderland offers you the very best of what the Great Barrier Reef has to offer in terms of both marine and coral life.

Some of the spectacular fish species to be found at Hardy Reef include Trevally, Coral Trout, Snapper, Giant Maori Wrasse and a resident two metre long Giant Queensland Groper that will congregate for a feed.

Turtles, reef sharks, barracuda and other reef species make for excellent snorkelling and diving at the nearby drop-offs with excellent water visibility. Hardy Reef is only available for 8 hour Whitsunday Private Charters day trips and is also weather dependent.

Hardy Reef Highlights

  • Amazing snorkelling – can snorkel just below the surface
  • Turtles and an abundance of other marine life
  • Spectacular diving with water visibility of 8 – 18 metres
  • Incredible coral colours

Cateran Bay, Border Island

If you want to escape the crowds and enjoy a nature fix, arriving at Cateran Bay will feel like  like you’ve landed on a desert Island …and there’s a good chance you might even have this entire bay to yourself!

Lying within a Marine National Park Green Zone, Cateran Bay is teeming with abundant marine life in its crystal clear waters.

Onshore you can enjoy the stunning beach or explore the thriving birdlife and take in the incredible views from two lookouts as you climb the one hour return track to from the island saddle.

Cateran Bay Highlights

  • Unspoilt and uncrowded natural beauty
  • Pristine and shallow waters
  • Snorkelling and swimming
  • Abundant marine life
  • Spectacular views from island saddle
  • Sense of seclusion
  • Pristine sandy beach

Hook Island

With its deep, sheltered, Fjord-like inlets, picturesque and accessible bays and some of the most beautiful pristine fringing reefs in the world, Hook Island is a must-see destination for avid snorkelers and divers.

This largely uninhabited island is one of the largest islands in the Whitsundays and full of abundant wildlife and marine life, including sea eagles, kites, spreys, turtles, reef fish, dolphins, manta rays and even Humpback whales between June to September.

Hook Island Highlights

  • World class snorkelling x
  • Lush national park
  • Swimming in clear and calm turquoise waters
  • Golden sandy beaches
  • Deep and picturesque inlets
  • Stunning views
  • Coral reefs
  • Excellent snorkelling and diving sites
  • Abundant marine life
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