Terms & Conditions


  • All prices are in AUD and include GST, National Park, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park entry fees, professional skipper and host, the use of snorkel equipment and stinger suits, food and beverages are additional
  • Passengers should note that adventure travel involves risk. Whilst we make every effort to safeguard guests, we cannot be responsible for any damage, personal injury or loss due to the actions of passengers that are beyond our control.
  • At certain times of the year ‘dangerous’ jellyfish inhabit these waters. Passengers entering the water do so at their own risk
  • Passengers MUST NOT attend Whitsundays Private Charters property or vessels if they have ANY symptoms of COVID-19. Symptoms include: cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue and shortness of breath.
  • Whitsundays Private Charters reserve the right to refuse to allow passengers to board our vessel should they present with the above-mentioned symptoms.
  • Passengers must check-in and be ready to board the vessel at least 10 minutes prior to the departure time. Whitsundays Private Charters reserve the right to reassign the vessel if customers do not arrive by their departure time.
  • Any person who may be pregnant, suffer from back, neck or heart conditions, or have conditions that may cause a risk to their health, must notify Whitsundays Private Charters or the Master of their vessel prior to departure.
  • Prior to departure for snorkelling or other activities, all adult passengers may be required to sign an Assumption of Risk Form. Minors require a parent or guardian to sign this form prior to departure. This Assumption of Risk Form is part of our terms and conditions of passage.
  • Passengers agree to disclose any pre-existing medical condition or any other condition that may cause the passenger to suffer injury or aggravate a pre-existing medical condition during the charter.
  • Whitsundays Private Charters reserve the right to alter the price, departure time, departure point when required.
  • In the event that Whitsundays Private Charters needs to cancel a charter due to inclement weather or for any other reason, rescheduling options (subject to availability) will be made available and in the event no options are available a refund will be issued.
  • Whitsundays Private Charters are not liable for any loss due to delays caused by unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to inclement weather, marine incidents or breakdowns.
  • Whitsundays Private Charters recommends passengers take out travel insurance.
  • Passengers must adhere to the directions given by the Master at all times.
  • Passengers agree to indemnify us against any and all claims arising from their participation in the charter, including any and all claims for injury, damage or loss.
  • Whitsundays Private Charters reserve the right to refuse charters to passengers for whatever reason.
  • Passengers may be filmed/photographed during their charter. Whitsundays Private Charters reserve the right to use or reproduce any film/photos for any purpose without notification, compensation or payment.
  • All bookings must be paid in full prior to the booking date.
  • Whitsundays Private Charters reserve the right to refuse service to those who are believed to be affected by alcohol or drugs and no refund will be provided.

Refund Policy:

No refunds within 48 hours of departure unless the Operator cancels the activity due to waterway, or weather conditions, or any other unforeseen event or circumstances. Otherwise, refunds are granted solely at the discretion of the Agent according to the Operator’s cancellation policy. Where there is a ‘no show’ without prior notification or cancellation in the required time no refund will be given. Refunds may only be obtained from the Booking Agent. Note no transaction fee is refundable.

Private Day Charters

Cancellations outside of 14 days of departure date will incur a 20% cancellation fee of the total charter fee. Cancellations between 48 hours and 14 days from departure time will incur a 50% cancellation fee of the total charter fee. Cancellations within 48 hours of departure time will incur a 100% cancellation fee of the total charter fee.

Cancellations due to Government Restrictions

In the event guests are unable to travel due to Government Restrictions, any refund due according to the above policy will be paid, with any remainder available as a credit able to be used within 12 months following.

– Bookings within 24hrs from departure time, may not be able to be fulfilled.

– Catering for bookings within 24hrs may not be able to be fulfilled.

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