Best snorkelling destinations in the Whitsundays

What to do on a Whitsundays day trip with Whitsundays Private Charters

Best places to go snorkelling in the Whitsundays in one day?

When you do a Whitsundays day trip with Whitsundays Private Charters the best part is how much you can see without being too rushed. You are spoilt for choice, however, the best snorkelling destinations in the Whitsundays in our opinion are Saba Bay and Manta Ray Bay.

What would a Whitsundays day trip look like?


Whitsundays Private Charters team will meet you at Coral Sea Marina, everything you have pre-organised with the team will already be onboard so all that is left to do is jump onboard, grab a drink and get ready for an incredible day, starting with a journey through the islands.

The Journey

Whitsundays Private Charters is best known for going REALLY fast, as one of Whitsundays fastest charter boats, you can make the most out of your Whitsundays day. Get ready to be windswept and have fun!

The day is not all about the destinations but also about the journey. As you make your way out to the nearby islands you can expect to spot a variety of sea life. The most common creatures are whales and dolphins, so keep an eye out.

Saba Bay

If the weather is right, Saba Bay is one of the best snorkelling destinations in the Whitsundays. Saba Bay is a gorgeous spot to stop off and see a variety of fish and coral species. The colour and variety is breathtaking and often larger charters don’t disturb this quiet and isolated location.

On a recent charter, Gill snorkelled for the first time in Saba Bay saying, “With all my experience on top of the water, sailing and surfing I’d never snorkelled and in jumping in the water and looking through the goggles for the first time I felt like I’d ridden my first wave. I’d never seen the ocean from this perspective, and it was phenomenal, something I would recommend to anyone if you haven’t before. Additionally, I didn’t expect to be so taken back by the feeling of putting on a mask, Jake was exceptional and allowed me to really enjoy the experience by guiding me around the reef.”

Marnie, a seasoned snorkeler added, “I have snorkelled all my life, often in the Whitsundays but even as a child I don’t think I have seen coral as vibrant as in Saba Bay.”

Manta Ray Bay

Manta Ray Bay is famous for its manta ray sculptures that lay on the ocean floor. However, the BEST part of this location and probably the highlight is the diverse marine life and GIANT fish. When you sprinkle fish pellets into the water, hundreds of fish of all sizes come to the surface.

“Jumping in we were immediately immersed in a totally different universe, the underwater world. I have never been surrounded by so many fish, especially none this big and unphased by my presence, they were so close we could almost touch them,” said Marnie after her first experience here.

Food and beverage

Snorkelling is an energy burner so staying hydrated and eating is very important. Before every charter we will discuss our catering options to take the stress out of your planning, however, you can also BYO food.

Whitsundays Private Charters offer an array of catering options ranging from assorted muffins, fruit, cheese and charcuterie selections, meats and seafood platters.

Reviews from a recent charter to the
best snorkelling destinations in the Whitsundays

“It is very rare I walk away from an experience thinking, that is going to be a core memory I will take with me forever, but this is certainly one of those moments. From being on one of the fastest boats in the Whitsundays to experiencing one of the wonders of the world I don’t think I will ever stop raving to friends and family about this truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, that is unless I get to go back again. I also don’t think I’ll ever stop thanking the Whitsundays Private Charters owners Jake and Amelia for allowing me to come aboard for an unforgettable adventure. My experience with Whitsundays Private Charters was one of, if not THE BEST on water experience, I have ever had, and that is a HUGE call.” – Marnie.

“Jakes boat handling skills were seriously impressive, the entire time I was onboard I felt incredibly safe, thank you Jake for an experience I will never forget.” – Gill.

“Exploring the Whitsundays on a fully skippered vessel was seriously a luxury experience. I really felt myself relax and get to enjoy boating from a different perspective. I would recommend this to anyone.” – Nicky.

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