Whitsundays Wedding Boat Charter

Wedding Packages for Private Charters from Airlie Beach

The Whitsundays is best known for its spectacular waterways and there is no better way for the bride and groom to take a moment for themselves or have some extra fun with their intimate bridal party than with Whitsundays Private Charters.

Whether you are eloping in the Whitsundays or having a Wedding in Airlie Beach or one of the nearby Whitsundays Islands, here is how Whitsundays Private Charters can make your special day EXTRA special…

Photo opportunities

Use the Whitsunday Islands as your backdrop, and we will take you there… think Whitehaven Beach, Butterfly Bay or Thomas Island. These iconic and isolated locations, sounded by white sandy beaches, Aussie bushland and turquoise water, make for idyllic and unique photo opportunities. Take away with you lasting memories of places you will never want to forget…

Whitsundays Private Charters boat “Seaclusion” is incredibly photogenic, so why not get some gorgeous images aboard? Whether you are getting drone images on our relaxing sunbed, popping champagne with your bridal party around our spacious dining table, or posing with Whitsundays tranquil reefs behind you, these are wedding photo opportunities that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Catch an intimate moment

Weddings can be chaotic, sometimes, it’s the little moments to yourselves that make the day so unique. Take a short cruise around the Whitsundays, just the two of you, and take a deep breath. Perhaps it’s between the ceremony and reception, in the middle of the day or at sunset. Most couples regret not spending enough time with their partner they are marrying. The guests can wait, but these precious moments and times out from the crowd are the ones you’ll remember the most dearly. If you are eloping in the Whitsundays, then nothing is holding you back from a romantic wedding charter.

It’s Party Time

Whether you have a small guest list or a fun bridal party, Whitsundays Private Charters provides catering and beverage options. Cruise the coast with your guests or take a stopover at one of the islands.

A sunset cruise with an intimate group on your wedding says is sure to be the wedding topper of your perfect day. Imagine dancing to your favourite tunes while pottering around some of Australia’s most beloved landscapes, weddings are meant to be FUN, and a bit of boat time is the perfect place to relax and unwind with your favourite people.

The Ceremony

What if the boat charter was the wedding… Well, it could be… If you are planning to Elope or host a super intimate wedding, you could host a small ceremony on a private beach, and Whitsundays Private Charters can take you there.

You could integrate all of the above, the intimate, magical, and boat boogying, plus have the most secluded wedding possible.

Be mindful that you will require the correct permissions from National Parks authorities in order to host a wedding in the Whitsundays Islands.

Bachelor and Bachelorette

Perhaps boating doesn’t fit into your big day, or maybe you want to say your farewells to unmarried life the classy way. Whether you are looking to party with your besties with a cruise and some beverages or get adventurous with Whitsunday Private Charters, including snorkelling and paddleboarding gear, nothing says Whitsundays more than a boat charter. Whitsundays Private Charters offer half-day, full-day, sunset cruises and custom packages that will fit perfectly into any Bachelor or Bachelorette party plan in the Whitsundays.


There is nothing more romantic than exploring the stunning Whitsunday Islands. Say I love you forever onboard Whitsundays Private Charter; your secret is safe with us and better, yet our expert team know just how to make this moment one you will both never forget. 

Let Whitsundays Private Charters be a part of your dream Whitsundays Wedding or Elopement.

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